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AnderX Innovations is the result of over a decade of experience in building and promoting web-enabled technologies. While not all of the projects have been successful, it is that experience of failure (and recovery) that makes AnderX Innovations relevant to the new-comers in this dynamic industry of the 21st Century.

Business Development is perhaps the most important element of any business venture. In a startup venture this activity is absolutely critical to a successful launch. A realignment may also be necessary once you start shipping products to your customers. AnderX Innovations can help you with both of these activites. More information on our Business Development services can be found here

Technology Utilization is the process of matching current technology to your particular business needs. The Web is changing so rapidly that determining what is right for your business now and in the future may become an overwhelming task for a company just starting out. AnderX Innovations can help guide you through this process. More information on our Technology Utilization services can be found here

Consulting Services provide you with the expertise you need precisely when you need it. AnderX Innovations maintains connections with a broad spectrum a individuals who can provide your company with expert advice and/or technical know-how to keep your company running smoothly. More information on our Consulting Services can be found here

Mr. Anderson has developed and maintains a diverse network of professional individuals over the past 35 years. Many of these individuals were discovered while working in various capacities for the following companies:

bullet AASI, Inc - Electrical Engineer
bullet AnderX, Inc - President
bullet BAE Systems - Systems Engineer
bullet Boeing Aircraft Company - Senior Computing Specialist
bullet Chaplan Aviation, Inc. - Aircraft Mechanic/Avionics Technician
bullet Duncan Aviation - Manager of Installations
bullet Litton Aero Products - Field Service Engineer
bullet McDonnell Douglas Aircraft - Technical Engineer
bullet Northrop Grumman Corp - Senior Software Engineer
bullet Predictive Science - Owner
bullet Think Tank Systems, LLC - Manager of Special Projects
bullet Queria, Inc - Co-Founder/CTO
bullet Universal Navigation Corp - Manager of Engineering

Mr. Anderson's complete CV can be found here

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