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Business Development

Business Development is perhaps the most important element of any business venture. Established businesses spend between 20% and 40% of their energy and resources in the promotion of their products and services. In a startup, this activity can require 100% of your time and most of your money to conduct research, define an appropriate market, and design a campaign to launch your company.

Building a Web presence is an important part of the Business Development process, but you will also need some way to tell your prospective companies that you actually exist. AnderX Innovations can help you with both of these activites.

Concept Development - Convert your idea into something others will buy.

Market Analysis - Evaluate how your technology or service fits into the marketplace.

Goal Development - Manage expectations for both you and your investors.

Business Plan Development - Communicate your intentions to your prospective investors and stockholders.

Funding Strategies - Identify those individuals and/or companies that may be interested in seeing you succeed.

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